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Aaargh! I need a Vacation


It is a Great Life if You don't Weaken

Top of the morning to you,

Be a Walking, Talking Bible


Now What?

Hi my dear sisters and brothers in Christ,


Hello My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

He Is Risen!

My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


My dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

New Year, Same Old?

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Hi, how you doing?  How were your holidays?  Mine were wonderful and packed.  Lots of fun and lots of things to do.  Maybe too much.  The more things you have to do the faster times goes by and boy!  it flew by.  So, here we are at another cross-roads in life so to speak.  A new year lies ahead of us and what kind of year will it be.  What kind of year do you want it to be is the question.  Thats right.  It is up to you in a lot of ways.  

Christmas, Yay!

Merry Christmas my Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Youth Center


5-8 pm each Wednesday.  Just a fun place to hang out, eat, play basketball, pool, ping pong, PlayStation, air hockey, homework help, and more!

All students grade 6-12 welcome. So, bring yourself, your friend, even your friends' friends!