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Walk by Faith not by Sight

My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Hi My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Time to Get Busy

Hello My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Do you can you juggle?

Well, life certainly seems like a juggling act to me at times.  I suspect it is to a lot of people.  We juggle our time between family, work, church, and me time.  We juggle our money between family, bills, recreation, and charitable organizations like church.  And then we juggle those things within those things.  For instance, My children need my time so how much time do I give Tommy as compared to Lucy?  Most times the circumstances will dictate it but not always.  How much money do I spend on my charities and how much do I save for my family's vacation or for the new car?  Perhaps I can


My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,