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This Too Will Pass

My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Post Holiday Blues?

I am back!  Whew!  The holidays were amazing.  Lots of fun, lots of sharing, lots of food, and totaling exhausting.  Church was wonderful.  I hope everyone felt the same because I really wanted everyone to enjoy Christmas like a child.  I think it is important for us to have a childlike faith in order to take God at His word.  So I hope you got what you wanted for Chirstmas and not what you  Imagine if God gave us what we deserved.  Ouch and Oh NO!  I am sure there are people who feel they deserve rewarded and that is because they are using their own standards of  measure. 

Happy Holidays, er, Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy Blessed New Year Everyone,

Share the Love

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

It Is Getting Close!

Hi My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,