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Peace in the midst of chaos

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

September 2016

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

How are you?  How is life treating you?  Are you ready for a break?  Need a vacation or do you just want to quit?  You have had enough and you already have so much going on that you are feeling burned out.  I know the feeling as do most busy people.  You are not alone and there are things you can do to ease the stress so that you will keep on keeping on.

First in Line

Greetings to All,

Why do you go to church?

In the eyes of a long time member,
“… I wasn’t raised here, and I couldn’t come for many years because of the way I worked. But I chose this church. Whenever it came time to decide exactly where I was going to go, I went to every church around… And then I decided this was the church I needed to be in. Not only because I needed a church, but because this church is a family, and we gather around each other… this church nourishes everyone and this church reaches out, and I have chosen this church, and I am very glad that God has led me to it.”