Aaargh! I need a Vacation


I just typed about half of my blog and then hit the kafluie button (have no idea what that is) and my blog disappeared.  I am not tech savvy enough to bring it back sooo, here we go again.  The shoe lace breaks, the copier runs out of ink, you forget an appointment, there has always been an emergency on my off days lately, we are training a new puppy, the grass needs cut (again and again, it grows faster than our national debt....mmm, maybe), and the list goes on.  I need a break so off on vacation we go.  I am so excited, not to mention stressed out getting ready, and me and the wife are on each other's nerves the closer it gets to leaving (this always happens), and I am constantly racking my brain trying to figure out what I am forgetting to do.  Lets see, oil change, top off fluids, check tire pressure, pack some tools just in case, and what jeans, how many jeans, shorts, socks, tops (which ones, long sleeve and short).  Oooh, don't forget medicine (better take some ibuprofen and Aleve just in case).  Mmm, cpap, pillow, a variety of shoes, coat, hats, camera, binoculars, phone, music, Louis LaMour westerns, and the list goes on.  That is just my stuff.  Good thing we are taking my truck.  My children think I am a little crazy for driving to Florida instead of flying.  It is probably more expensive to drive seeing as how gas is up and my truck loves the gas station.  Howsomever,  I love to drive.  My vacation begins the moment I get behind the wheel.  I love the road trip and spending quality alone time with my Honey.  It will take about 22 to 24 hours to get there.  Of course we are too old and frail to drive straight through or so my wife tells me.  I just say, "Yes dear", after all, happy wife, happy life.  Yep, my brain has already left on vacation and is waiting for my body to catch up.  

​Vacations are good and needed especially in this day and age of stressful living.  It is the memories that we make that sustain us through the difficult times and knowing that we get to do it again.  We just have to hang in there until then.  It is like that with our Faith.  We experience great joy when we are with our Lord Jesus Christ, be it at church or some Christian music event or just feeling His presence while taking a stroll early in the morning or even when we look into a baby's face or get licked by a puppy.  These moments sustain us when we travel through the valley of the shadow of death.  Philppians 4:8-9 tells us to think about good things, Godly things and that God will be with us if we do.  Memories, good ones, are healthy and helpful, while bad memories are hurtful and can cause problems.  Take it all to God in prayer.    Ask God for a healing of memories.  Replace those bad ones with good ones.  "With God all things are possible" and "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength"  Go on vacation then come back ready to fight the good fight of faith.  You can do this.  Have fun.  I will try and do the same.  

​God loves you and so do I,

Pastor Bruce