Campfires, falling leaves, and brisk weather

Hello My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I know that some of you hate to see summer pass, but I got to tell you I am excited for fall weather.  I love the changing leaves, brisk mornings and evenings with warm afternoons.  Yes, I must confess, I have already been playing Christmas music.  This is the time of the year that I feel most like a child although I act like one most of the year. We are planning our various ministries for the coming church year which wraps up around May.  Christmas this year will be extra special because of some things our CCCC  came up with.  What is CCCC?  Crazy Christmas Club Committee.  We have planned a few events.  One of them is December 2 ...???? What is that?  Oh, right, I skipped over Thanksgiving.  You have been talking to my wife haven't you?  Our family tradition has always been to go to Bonnie's sister's place in New Brighton for Thanksgiving.  We shop, shoot clay pigeons and pistols, play double deck four handed pinochle and then eat.  Sometimes they gather around the player piano to sing after dinner.  I go out on the porch.  

Ok, can I get back to Christmas now?  So, December 2, Sunday, Christmas dinner following the second service, say 12:30 pm.  We supply the meat and everyone brings a dish to share.  There will be a clipboard.  Dinner will be followed by crafts for young and old alike which will start at 2 pm.  Later that day we will go caroling and then come back for hot chocolate which will begin at 6 pm.  Ok and there will be an open house here on December 7, 6 pm to 7:30 pm.  This will take place during the Cookie Tour in town.  The trick will be to get people up here which is a whole block away!  Ooh, and we will be giving away presents to passing motorists during the Sunday School hour each Sunday in Advent.  That freaks people out when you try to give them a free gift.  Ringing the bell for the Salvation Army Kettle, Blue Christmas service on December 21, 7 pm, the Christmas Give away, Irwin Male Choir December 9, and more should make for a joyous Christmas.  Angel tree gifts and special services, movie night, cookie trays, ok,ok.  I will give it a rest.  There is a lot to life between now and Advent that we need to consider.  Hmmm, I know there is, but all I can think of right now is , "Have yourself a Merry little Christmas. Make the Yuletide gay, from now on out troubles will be ....."

God loves you and so do we,

Pastor Bruce