My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

How are you doing?   That is a question that carries a whole lot more weight than it used to.  Here we are in the third week of the corona virus pandemic(actually a lot longer than that but it didn't hit home until Friday the 13th of March.  It started out with a warning in the morning and then progressed to social distancing by the evening and we canceled church, at least physical church.  We have done 4 worship services on FB and Zoom so far.  This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday and we are planning a drive-in church service for 8:15 and 10:45 with communion.  We will be using an fm transmitter on 87.9.  We tested it out this past Thursday and it worked great.  The communion is prepackaged and we will spritz it as well as the bulletins.  No palms though. We will do whatever it takes to remain connected and to get spiritually fed.    

There is a number of things that we can do at home to get spiritually fed.  Things like saying grace before every meal, praying as a family or alone for the bad reports that come through the news, praying for those who are sick, out of work, and that prayer list goes on.  We can read the Bible as a group/family and make it fun even festive.  Have a dessert and make the Bible reading a Story Time!  We can also do phone visitations or make and send cards to shut ins.  Try painting scenes from the Bible or play Bible charades. Just some ideas on how to stay connected to the Lord  Our God.  From what I have been hearing this social distancing may be around for awhile.  So lets make the best of it.  Share your ideas with other, see the glass half full, count your blessings, Praise the Lord always and in all ways.  We are praying for you.  Think outside of the box.  It is challenging and fun. 

God loves you and so do I,

Pastor Bruce