Hello My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

How are you?  I am fine.  Frustrated but fine.  I got to work today and realized I forgot my phone at home.  Grrrr.  I spent a long time typing up a blog this morning only to have it disappear when I did something, not sure what.  Grrrr.  We were reflecting on the state of the church this morning in the office and we talked about how everything was becoming permissible.  You cant tell anybody that what they are doing is wrong.  Everything is acceptable.  People want all of the rights but none of the responsibility.    Political correctness has gone overboard in my opinion.  Oh, don't get me started!  If you disagree with someone then you are in the enemy camp, whatever camp that may be.  What happened to agreeing to disagree?  And the media with sensationalism and yellow journalism and political biases???!!!  Where is the Truth anymore?  Grrrr.Church is no exception to these frustrating times.  We say we are debating the homosexuality issue when what we are really debating is the authority of God's Word.  So we have a difference of opinion.  Lets agree to disagree and follow our rules and regulations for changing the system.  Lets live within the tension we have and communicate with one another while doing the ministry that God has laid out for us to do.  But, (no!  We have to change things and if you don't agree with me then you are WRONG!) seems to be what people are saying.  Can you sense my frustrations?  Sorry.  Some days I just need to vent.  This is one of those days in case you haven't already guessed that.  

So what do I do about my frustrations?  I read the Bible, pray, talk with my accountability partner via Facetime, and I do random acts of kindness.  Oh, and I vent.   John Wesley said (my paraphrase), "for matters that do not pertain to salvation, think and let think. but for those matters that do pertain to salvation we must all agree (Jesus is the only way)."  I believe we can make this (world,political correctness) work if we come together on our common ground.  The trouble seems to be coming from the extremes at either end of the spectrum. Grrr.  C'mon people, can't we all just get along?  Lets love one another as He(Jesus) loved us.  God loves you and so do I.

Pastor Bruce