How I Miss the Good Old Days

My Dear Friends,

I am old.  64 years old to be exact, but sometimes I feel like I lived a century ago.  My mind keeps writing checks that my body can't cash anymore.  I am seriously out of shape and I am disgusted with fashion trends nowadays.  Saggy pants, body piercing in some really strange places like the nose, cheek, or tongue, and tattoos that go way beyond tasteful.  I mean, seriously, do people look at themselves in a mirror before they go out in public?  Attention, attention, attention is what I believe it is all about.  Hey, look at me!!!!!  I think I understand that too.  We are so caught up with news, social media, staying safe IN our homes, and then slaving away at work that we have little time left for the rest of the world.  We used to dress to impress(in a nice way) our friends.  No shock value, just looking nice or cool.  After all we usually had to impress our girlfriend or boyfriend's parents as well.  

But I get it.  My long hair, bell bottom jeans, tenner shoes, and bling were probably weird and disgusting to my elders back then.  Of course my style wasn't a permanent change to my body like it is now.  What are those things people put in their earlobes called?  To each their own I guess.  While the cover of a book may give an indication of what is inside of it you can't judge the book by its cover.  You have to interact with it.  I have found over my many years that regardless of what a person looks like or even acts like you have to get to know them to understand them and for them to understand you.  Interaction is what is needed today.  More interaction than what we get on social media too.  

We need to take time out of our busy schedules to walk down the road, walk around the borough, sit or play in the park, and get to know people through live interaction.  Then when we develop a relationship we can talk about Jesus.  After all there is nothing or no one more important than our salvation which only comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  It takes time, sacrifice, determination, and love to build these relationships in which we can talk about Jesus so lets have a cup of coffee and talk about your tattoos, piercings, and channels?  What are they called?  Told you, I am old.  

God loves you and so do I,

Pastor Bruce