Old Age is not for the Weak

My dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I am 61 years old going on 100.  It feels like it at times, most times, ok, all the time.  I am out of shape, well, actually I am kind of round so I guess that is a shape.  Lets say I am in bad shape.  I need better muscle tone and flexibility.  Arthur lives with me, ok, in me, and my joints ache especially when I first get up from sitting or laying down.  My pappap always said, "it is a great life if you don't weaken."  Boy, was he ever right.  Of course, I know a lot more now than I did when I was a lot younger and in great shape, yes, at one time in my life I was an athlete.  (it was July 7, 1973 at 12:01pm).  But I really have learned a thing or two over the years through education and experience, the best teacher of them all.  Like, don't sweat the small stuff or big stuff for that matter.  Just do your best and God will take care of the rest.  Really, see Philippians 4:19.  I have also learned to love.  And I don't mean a touchy feely kind of love that depends on how I am treated.  Nope, I am talking about the love of Jesus which God has put in our hearts by the power of His holy Spirit.  It is so much better and easier to love people now.  It doesn't matter who or what they are because I love them and want them to know Jesus like I know Jesus and all because Jesus first loved me.  It really takes the pressure off.  Another thing I learned that puts things in perspective is that "this world is not our home" so you can't keep it, you can live by a different set of standards than the world's, and have fun.  Yep, don't take yourself too seriously.  Life is not about us, it is about Jesus so see John 3:16. 

Get on an elevator and turn around and face everyone and ask them how they are doing.  Offer to pray for someone who is obviously having a bad day anywhere and anytime.  Stop and pray with someone in WalMart.  An easy one is to say grace at a restaraunt.  Hold open the door for several people.  Compliment people on their looks or service.  Say thank you and you're welcome.  Offer your seat to someone who needs it more than you.  Stop!  Look around you.  Take a deep breath.  Now tell God, 'thank you!'.  Yep, getting old is not for the faint of heart but I know that one day I will live where there is no getting old.  Until then I hope and pray that I can bring a ray of sonshine into people's lives so that for just a moment they will feel the love of Jesus...and go seeking more of Him.  These are just the musings of an athlete trapped in an old person's body.  Don't worry, I am having fun.  Praise the Lord.

God loves you and so do I,

Pastor Bruce