My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

There is no retirement in the Bible and yet I am planning to retire from full time ministry by the end of June. It has been 31 years of ministry and we have served 4 appointments.  Our first church was Rogersville UMC in Greene County  We were there 12 years and along the way we added 2 more churches, Fairview and Throckmorton UMCs so that by the time we left I was serving 3 churches at once.  Then we were sent to Cochranton UMC in the Erie-Meadville Distict for 4 years.  We unexpectedly got the call to go to Carmichaels UMC and off we went for 7 years; back in Greene County.  Now we are finishing up our 8th year here at Irwin First UMC. It has been a great adventure and privilege to be your pastor.  I love you. 

It is my hope to continue on in ministry as a retired pastor wherever we end up living. And I have to tell you that after being told where to live for the last 31 years and having our utilities paid as part of our salary package, well, it is kinda of scary looking for place of our own.   Where I would like to live and where I can afford to live are 2 different things.  Still, it is exciting and we will carry some great memories with us of all the churches we have served especially this one.  I praise the Lord for your faith and dedication to ministry.  Well done thou good and faithful servants.  The question now is "what more can we do together in ministry before I retire?"  Together we can 'give them heaven' by putting our faith into action.  God loves you and so do I.

Praise the Lord Always,

Pastor Bruce