September 2018

My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Well, we just got back from our vacation at Canadohta Lake.  It was a very nice time.  I fished and she read.  We went boating one day and shopping several days.  Of course we ate too much and took naps.  Oh, and I fed the ducks while she shooed them away.  I love feeding the ducks.  The weather was nice for the most part.  There was one day that it stormed and that in itself was entertaining.  After going to Walmart in Titusville we came out of the store to one of the most brilliant rainbows we have ever seen.  Took pictures of course.  Then we headed back to the lake on Rt. 8.  It was about sundown and the sky was an amazing kaleidoscope of storm clouds, bright blues, pinks, and orange sky and mist rising from the valleys all around us.  It was breathtaking! Really, really breathtaking.  I got some pictures on my phone.  If we didn't do anything else with our vacation that view was worth it.  God's beauty was all around us.  At any given time the lake would be covered with waves that made the boats play a staccato of beats against their moorings and then a short time later the water would be a sheet of glass of serenity.  Fish jumping in the lake, ducks quacking, wooden screen doors that would open with a groan as their springs protested then shut with a bang all added up to cleanse the soul with the sweet relief of melting stress.  Ah, it was enjoyable to say the least.  Now I am back in my office writing this blog wondering and praying about the ministries that lay ahead.  What more can we do or change in order to save souls and give the devil a black eye?  These are exciting times in which we live and there is much to be done in order to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a hurting world.  It is a Gospel of Love and one that the world so desperately needs.  Vacations are good and even necessary so that we do not burn out, but there is nothing more important to do in this world than to save souls and the only way we can do that is to introduce people to the only One who can save them: Jesus the Christ.  As it says in 2 Corinthians 5:20 - "We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us.  We implore you on Christ's behalf: Be reconciled to God." So, it is that time of the year to roll up our sleeves and give them Heaven.

God loves you and so do I,

Pastor Bruce