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COVID-19 (Update 5-10-2020)

We at First UM Church are here for you at a safe social distance. While we remain under the stay at home restrictions we will continue to offer you Drive-In Worship from your car at both the 8:15 am and 10:45 am services. You will stay in your car which is an extension of your home. Pull into the parking lot using the 4th Street entrance. Our gloved and masked ushers will greet you and assist you with parking instructions and how to participate from your car with other worshipers. All are welcome! The service will be interactive with songs and prayers. 

Welcome to the First United Methodist Church of Irwin!

We are located at 310 Oak Street, Irwin PA 15642.

We have traditional Worship Services on Sundays at 8:15 a.m. and 10:45 a.m, with a contemporary/alternative Worship service Saturdays at 6pm.

Sunday School meets at 9:30 a.m. - with classes from Nursery through Adult (for adult study groups)

Youth groups:


Hi My Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Just for Fun


I just posted a new entry yesterday, but I came across this puzzle that I thought you might enjoy.  Not sure where it came from.

'There are 16 books of the Bible spelled out in the story below.  The letters that spell some of the books are stretched out among 2 or more words.  See if you can find them all.

Because He is Risen

My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Spring, Yay!

The temperatures are starting to stay up in the 50s and the Robins are back and some of the flowers are blooming.  Could it be?  Is it possible?  Dare I say it?  Spring is here, well, almost.  It wasn't much of a winter, but I am glad it is almost over.  I like that we have regular seasons.  Isn't it nice that there is an order to the universe?  Winter, spring, summer, fall.  Sun goes down at night and comes up in the morning.  How sweet it is!  Thank you Lord.

How I Miss the Good Old Days

My Dear Friends,


My Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Things Change and Always Stay the Same

Hi My Dear Sisters and  Brothers in Christ,